astrology: in conversation with my conscience

Me (M): Thank you very much Conscience for agreeing to this meeting despite your busy schedule!

Conscience (C):  I am only as busy as you are!

M: My questions, this time, are centred around astrology. I know you always give very honest answers. I’ll begin now!

C: Sure!

M: My first question is –  Does astrology work? Can you please share your experiences?

C: Astrology works! Period. I commenced learning astrology, over 15 years back. My first teacher was Dr A.P. Rao (adjunct faculty at the Hindu University of America). The initial classes were harrowing. I would it very difficult to understand what was being taught – though the teaching was lucid. But astrology gradually grew on me. I remember one of the first tests we were administered. We were given blind Birth Charts, charts with no details or background of the person (native). From the given charts, we were asked to decode the illness of the native. My analysis was that the person was suffering from a mental illness. My analysis took all of five minutes using only the D1, D9 and the D10 charts. I was taken aback with the accuracy of my diagnosis. So was my teacher!  Just this one successful analysis, very early in my long journey with astrology, successfully proved to me that a good diagnosis can be made with birth horoscopes. Subsequently, of course, I have made scores of very accurate astrological predictions. I have no doubt mind that astrology works.

M: Scores of accurate predictions are fine. How about your inaccurate predictions?

C: There have been many. However, very few of those can be termed as a complete washout. In many cases, the timelines did not match – the events took place earlier (up to 3-4 months earlier) or later (up to 9 months later). However, many have been accurate to the last 30 -40 days of the event – even when the prediction was made, say, 24 months earlier. The predicted events did take place. Of course, though astrology is perfect the astrologer is not. I am certainly not perfect. I have learnt a lot from my failed predictions. I have tried to find out why these predictions may have failed. This is not unlike the failed launch of a space rocket. The first SpaceX rocket failed. They dug into the cause of the failure and fixed it. Astrology is indeed rocket science!

M: If astrology cannot give guaranteed predictions, why should anyone consult an astrologer?

C: Good question! Can a medical science professional, say a doctor, guarantee your wellness? Can a doctor ensure that the very first prescription will lead to a guaranteed cure? Can a surgeon guarantee that every surgery performed will lead to the promised cure? Can an automobile technologist guarantee that there would be no failures in a car’s systems even within the first few days or a month of use? Can a rocket scientist guarantee the there would be no launch failures even when all launch parameters are met?  Can a Psephologist (one who predicts election results) assure that the predicted party will win? Can a Stock Broker, who uses advanced statistical methods, predict the trajectory of the price of scrips with absolute certainty? No science, medical or rocket can guarantee success. Similarly, no astrologer can guarantee perfect predictions. Like an engineer, doctor or a scientist, the astrologer uses all the skills at his/her disposal to give an accurate prediction. Guaranteeing success is beyond the capability of the astrologer.

M:  Many astrologers do not use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Does this not affect the accuracy of their predictions?

C: No! The Rishis knew that there were forces beyond the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury Jupiter and Saturn which were influencing human life. They, therefore, created two mathematical points, Rahu and Ketu to perfectly explain events without the need to use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  Uranus is only a higher octave of Mercury, Neptune is similar to Venus and Pluto is a higher octave of Mars.

M: Did you say Earth? Does astrology take into consideration the Earth as a planet? I have not heard of astrologers using the reference of the Earth.

C: The Lagna or the Ascendant indirectly represents the position of the Earth on the Birth Chart. The Lagna changes as the Earth rotates around its axis. The sign rising on the eastern horizon is determined by the rotation of the Earth on its axis. Similarly, the position of the Sun in the Birth Chart also take into account the position of the Earth as the Earth revolves around the Sun. The influence of the Earth is certainly taken into account in every birth chart.

M: One more question. Does the discovery of Chiron not affect how predictions are made?

C: No! Chiron takes about 50 years to cover all the twelve signs. In a birth chart, the Lagna/Ascendant is like the seconds hand of a clock. The Moon is like the minute hand of the clock. The Sun represents the hour hand of the clock. Venus, Mercury and Mars are like additional hour hands – helping locate the exact hour. Jupiter is like a half day hand of the clock (twelve-hour hand of the clock – showing when a half day is complete). Saturn is like a thirty-hour hand – showing changes every 30 hours.  These are very broad timings. Our ancients, in their considered judgement, decided that the hands of a clock which depicted time broader than the sweep of Saturn was not very useful. A clock which shows a broad time beyond Saturn is not very useful. Neither is Chiron which shows broad trends which could happen over many decades.

M: That was useful clarification. Could I ask more questions when I come across them?

C: I’ll be ready when you are!