a reasonably priced astrological service

whenthetimeisripe offers a range of astrological services. These include:

–  Birth Chart Analysis: Analyse one or more areas of your life. Find out key events ahead

–  Prasna Analysis: Ask a question and we’ll not even ask for your birth time. Your questions will be answered via Prasna

–  Birth Time Rectification:  Is your birth time incorrect? We can correct the time of your birth to an accuracy of about 30 seconds.

–  Horoscope matching and compatibility: Horoscope matching for matrimonial use. We can help you select the most suitable horoscope from multiple horoscopes

–  Timing of events: Find out when an event could happen

–  Corporate Astrology:  When will the Company turn the corner or similar questions answered from the company’s Birth Chart. This service is offered by a seasoned practitioner of Corporate Astrology

Learn astrology one-on-one: A very different astrological technique will be taught one-on-one. The learning will be spread over 5 hours on an online platform at a time of mutual convenience. The learning can be in one or multiple sessions. Some prior knowledge of astrology is essential. This will be assessed prior to your paying for the course.  Write for more details.

For more information, write to whenthetimeisripe@outlook.com



moon sign predictions for april 2017

The following general predictions for April 2017 is based on your Moon sign. If you do not know your Moon sign, check it here using this calculator from drikpanchang.com: Moon Sign Calculator 

Aries Moon Sign

In the first week of the month, you may have travels related to your business or profession. Students pursuing higher education may do well.  However, after the first week of the month, there may be minor reversals in your travel plans and students may find it necessary to redo their assignments. After the 10th April, there may be a slowdown in communication pertaining to contracts and employment. If there are differences of opinion with your children, the time from the 15th April till the end of the month is a good time to sort out these differences

Taurus Moon Sign

There may be long distance travel related difficulties during this month. There may also be minor disturbances in your professional area.  If you have retrograde Jupiter in your Birth Chart then there may be some gains via lottery or speculation during this month

Gemini Moon Sign

For those who are looking to marry, there may be news of engagement or marriage during this month. Business and matters related to the profession are also highlighted in this month. A lady may play an important role in your business or profession

Cancer Moon Sign

For those seeking employment, things may work out well – especially if you have retrograde Saturn in your Birth Chart. There will be interviews and negotiations commencing from this month. There may be long distance travelling or plans may be made for long distance travelling. There may be a gain of prestige for your children (if so applicable).

Leo Moon Sign

You may consider Real Estate transactions during this month. If you do have some Real Estate transactions, be very careful with the paperwork. Double check everything. Some may have minor injuries to areas near the knee – or they may just be concerned with a previous injury in this area.

Virgo Moon Sign

There may be differences of opinion with siblings, especially after the 10th April. There may be minor reversals in partnerships or income from partnerships.  If negative thoughts bother you, you may do well to snap out it.

Libra Moon Sign

You may accumulate wealth through business transactions. This is a good time to enter into partnerships – if other non-astrological factors are supportive of this.  You need to be diligent when transacting with partners in a distant place or in overseas locations. You could be prone to fiery speech during this period and will do well if you are appropriately restrained

Scorpio Moon Sign

Be careful of flames, especially in the kitchen. Also be evaluative and restrained with communication in your workplace – especially with subordinates and employees. You may make plans for work related travel towards the end of the month

Sagittarius Moon Sign

There may be an enhancement of your status in the workplace, especially if you have retrograde Jupiter in your Birth Chart.   There may be gains from speculative transactions. Some of you may develop an interest in spiritual knowledge and practices. Sports, speculation and spirituality may be important themes depending on your age, background and interests.

Capricorn Moon Sign

You need to be careful about financial matters. There are indications of some loss of wealth (only if this is also indicated in your Birth Chart) during this month if you are not careful.  If you are considering selling a property, you may gain financially. There are indications of commencing a process of selling Real Estate during this month.

Aquarius Moon Sign

Any effort put into learning and education will lead to good results. Those interested in higher education or postgraduate education will be successful in your endeavours.  Some may gain from your mother and others may invest in a vehicle.  Mother, housing, clothing are emphasised during this month.

Pisces Moon Sign

Some may develop an interest in hidden knowledge. Others may have good intuition. Some others may gain through wills, donations and gifts. Your ability to diagnose will be strong. If you have any chronic health problems these may come to the fore (if also signified in the Birth Chart) and may need to be addressed. You may be secretive and guarded. Those interested in performing arts will do well during this month as well those of you who are in professions connected with sales. You will put in energy and effort to pursue your goals