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astrology: in conversation with my conscience

Me (M): Thank you very much Conscience for agreeing to this meeting despite your busy schedule!

Conscience (C):  I am only as busy as you are!

M: My questions, this time, are centred around astrology. I know you always give very honest answers. I’ll begin now!

C: Sure!

M: My first question is –  Does astrology work? Can you please share your experiences?

C: Astrology works! Period. I commenced learning astrology, over 15 years back. My first teacher was Dr A.P. Rao (adjunct faculty at the Hindu University of America). The initial classes were harrowing. I would it very difficult to understand what was being taught – though the teaching was lucid. But astrology gradually grew on me. I remember one of the first tests we were administered. We were given blind Birth Charts, charts with no details or background of the person (native). From the given charts, we were asked to decode the illness of the native. My analysis was that the person was suffering from a mental illness. My analysis took all of five minutes using only the D1, D9 and the D10 charts. I was taken aback with the accuracy of my diagnosis. So was my teacher!  Just this one successful analysis, very early in my long journey with astrology, successfully proved to me that a good diagnosis can be made with birth horoscopes. Subsequently, of course, I have made scores of very accurate astrological predictions. I have no doubt mind that astrology works.

M: Scores of accurate predictions are fine. How about your inaccurate predictions?

C: There have been many. However, very few of those can be termed as a complete washout. In many cases, the timelines did not match – the events took place earlier (up to 3-4 months earlier) or later (up to 9 months later). However, many have been accurate to the last 30 -40 days of the event – even when the prediction was made, say, 24 months earlier. The predicted events did take place. Of course, though astrology is perfect the astrologer is not. I am certainly not perfect. I have learnt a lot from my failed predictions. I have tried to find out why these predictions may have failed. This is not unlike the failed launch of a space rocket. The first SpaceX rocket failed. They dug into the cause of the failure and fixed it. Astrology is indeed rocket science!

M: If astrology cannot give guaranteed predictions, why should anyone consult an astrologer?

C: Good question! Can a medical science professional, say a doctor, guarantee your wellness? Can a doctor ensure that the very first prescription will lead to a guaranteed cure? Can a surgeon guarantee that every surgery performed will lead to the promised cure? Can an automobile technologist guarantee that there would be no failures in a car’s systems even within the first few days or a month of use? Can a rocket scientist guarantee the there would be no launch failures even when all launch parameters are met?  Can a Psephologist (one who predicts election results) assure that the predicted party will win? Can a Stock Broker, who uses advanced statistical methods, predict the trajectory of the price of scrips with absolute certainty? No science, medical or rocket can guarantee success. Similarly, no astrologer can guarantee perfect predictions. Like an engineer, doctor or a scientist, the astrologer uses all the skills at his/her disposal to give an accurate prediction. Guaranteeing success is beyond the capability of the astrologer.

M:  Many astrologers do not use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Does this not affect the accuracy of their predictions?

C: No! The Rishis knew that there were forces beyond the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury Jupiter and Saturn which were influencing human life. They, therefore, created two mathematical points, Rahu and Ketu to perfectly explain events without the need to use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  Uranus is only a higher octave of Mercury, Neptune is similar to Venus and Pluto is a higher octave of Mars.

M: Did you say Earth? Does astrology take into consideration the Earth as a planet? I have not heard of astrologers using the reference of the Earth.

C: The Lagna or the Ascendant indirectly represents the position of the Earth on the Birth Chart. The Lagna changes as the Earth rotates around its axis. The sign rising on the eastern horizon is determined by the rotation of the Earth on its axis. Similarly, the position of the Sun in the Birth Chart also take into account the position of the Earth as the Earth revolves around the Sun. The influence of the Earth is certainly taken into account in every birth chart.

M: One more question. Does the discovery of Chiron not affect how predictions are made?

C: No! Chiron takes about 50 years to cover all the twelve signs. In a birth chart, the Lagna/Ascendant is like the seconds hand of a clock. The Moon is like the minute hand of the clock. The Sun represents the hour hand of the clock. Venus, Mercury and Mars are like additional hour hands – helping locate the exact hour. Jupiter is like a half day hand of the clock (twelve-hour hand of the clock – showing when a half day is complete). Saturn is like a thirty-hour hand – showing changes every 30 hours.  These are very broad timings. Our ancients, in their considered judgement, decided that the hands of a clock which depicted time broader than the sweep of Saturn was not very useful. A clock which shows a broad time beyond Saturn is not very useful. Neither is Chiron which shows broad trends which could happen over many decades.

M: That was useful clarification. Could I ask more questions when I come across them?

C: I’ll be ready when you are!


moon sign predictions for june 2017

V Vijayalakshmi is a little-known astrologer who has practised native Indian (Vedic) astrology for over 40 years. She is self-taught. While her predictions are derived from Birth Charts she always adds a dash of intuition to what she notices in the chart. This is then garnished with a remedy to make the prediction complete. She is is more often in temples in the vicinity of her home than at home.

The following general predictions for June 2017 is based on your Moon sign. If you do not know your Moon sign, check it here using this calculator from Moon Sign Calculator 

For all Moon Signs:  You may behave irrationally (on matters pertaining to the houses which are represented by Saturn from the Lagna/Ascendant)  on the 10th June 2017 – for some hours. Postpone decision making to two days later – unless irrationality suits you!

Aries Moon Sign

If you are a singer or a speaker you will do well this month. You could earn recognition through your speech. Some of you may even have a throat infection which may require medication.  Your relationship with your spouse or business partner could be in focus during this time – mainly for positive reasons. During the month you will be energetic, adventurous and courageous. Those in the field of Sale and Marketing could do well. Notwithstanding the foregoing, many of you may find the going tough on the professional front as Saturn continues to move backwards. Of course, this is temporary and will ease out in the next 2 months or so. There may be long distance travel too during this period – related to your work. There may be gains from speculation if you are so inclined. The non-speculative types may gain from meditation. Do not get into any attempt to damage your relations with your own family.

Taurus Moon Sign

Till about the 9th June, the Sun moves in your Rashi. There may be a desire and the effort to learn new things. Perhaps the desire and the willingness to do a short course. You may focus on Real Estate too during the month. You may benefit from your mother and/or this may be an emotionally stable period. For those spiritually inclined, this may be a beneficial period. There may be an income from spirituality. Even romance will have a spiritual connection. Those planning to commence a family may be in two minds about it. The stock market, games, children become important after the  5th June. Jupiter turns direct on the 9th June and accentuates all matters which I said becomes important after the 5th June. After about the 17th of June, you need to take care of your eyes/teeth if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. You will be devoted to your family. Saturn is retrograde until September. If you have retrograde Saturn in your Birth Chart you will do well in your profession or your profession will be highlighted. For others, this may be a slightly difficult period which will correct itself by September. Take care of your knee or areas near the knees – there may be some niggles here.

Gemini Moon Sign

The month may begin or the previous month may have ended with a gain to your children – perhaps with them going abroad in some cases. To those of you where this does not apply, there may have been again via a Real Estate transaction – perhaps via the sale of property. The first five/seven days of the month may be very gainful. Those in the education field should do very well this month.  Agriculturists, horticulturist and florists too will thrive this month. You may invest in learning and there will be earnings from this learning. This is also a month where you will grapple with your difficulties and come out on top. If May was a good month, the streak should continue.

Cancer Moon Sign

The sign of Cancer is special. This is since I know more people with their Moon in Cancer than in any other.  All the way till about the 15th June, it is very likely that you will have a rollicking time – perhaps dealing with authority figures in distant or overseas places. You may be making plans to travel overseas or may travel overseas. There will be an income too from an overseas location. Jupiter turns direct on the 9th  of June. This will give a further fillip to your overseas ambition. Jupiter turns direct in Hasta Nakshatra which is ruled by the Moon. Check your Natal Chart (Birth Chart). The House which Moon owns or the house where the Moon is placed (from the Lagna) will be gainfully benefitted. You will also gain from writing or other forms of communication. In some cases, even your children will develop overseas connections. You will crawl out of all difficulties.  Overall a very good month – for most.

Leo Moon Sign

Perhaps you are recovering from a brief illness as the month commences. Also, as the month commences some of you may be grappling with money matters. Some may be a little short of it and some others may have a windfall. There may be many short trips during the months. Some of you may get recognition for the use of skills pertaining to your hands. Meditation, children and/or the study of scriptures is highlighted during the month – for many – remember this is a general Moon sign horoscope. Generally speaking, your Lord of luck is strong during the month and make the best use of it. Those waiting to buy land/building may do well this month.

Virgo Moon Sign

The month may not begin well. It may be a stressful beginning. However, within a week things will look up. You may contemplate some changes in your employment or profession. Either the finances pertaining to your profession may not be satisfactory early in the month or you may have disagreements with your family. Some others may have problems with the teeth – especially if you have a sweet tooth!  Any effort that you make will be rewarded. Those looking to buy a new home or a car may also do so post the 9th June. Self-study assumes importance during this period. You may also feel a sense of better bonding with your mother. You will have an analysing mindset this month with which you can outwit your detractors – unless they too have their Moon in Virgo! Your spouse may travel without you this month. If your spouse is engaged in activities like art, music, acting or similar then your spouse will do well this month. The use of stealth or a cloak and dagger will be the underlining theme of the month.

Libra Moon Sign

The good thing for those born under the Libra Moon sign is that Saade Saati ( the 7.5 years of Saturn’s transit from the 12th house to the natal Moon to getting out of the 2nd house from the natal Moon) will end in October 2017. An overall generally stressful period will come to an end by October as soon as Saturn enters Sagittarius. However, be that as it may,  you will get along with all your partners this month – be it your business partner, a partner in crime or your spouse!  Your wealth will be linked to the wealth of your partner. Treat all your partners well. Those of you who are looking for a spouse will do well to stop looking for her/him online. You may find your spouse when on a long distance journey. If you do, your future spouse may be involved in the legal field. If you are married, your spouse will be off on a long trip this month. There may be financial windfalls, for your mate, from this trip. If you are so inclined, you may have an unexpected windfall this month. You may be involved in spiritual matters and may be intuitive and insightful this month.

Scorpio Moon Sign

This is not the month to step on the gas in many matters. Be careful while driving. Any medication that you may be under must be consumed as per the doctor’s advice. If employed, do not get into any arguments in the workplace this month. Keep a low profile, as far as possible. You may be very diplomatic this month – which is very good in light of what I mentioned in the previous line. You may receive career support from either your spouse or some other partner. There may be profitable business agreements during this month. This is a great time for your children no matter what their age – this is truer after the 10th of the month. This is also a good time for developing your skills or going through sacred texts if you are so inclined. If you are in the process of taking part in competitive exams or are a part of a cricket team (or swimming team for that matter) you will contribute well to the team and your individual performance could be lauded.

Sagittarius Moon Sign

Unless Saturn is retrograde in your Birth Chart, there may be some issues in your earning capacity and the ability to accumulate money. If you are an influential speaker, you may find (unless Saturn is retrograde in your Birth Chart) that this month you speech does not carry the same weight. Of course, this is temporary. You may be lax with your diet this month and may not speak well of others. If you are normally adventuresome, you may find that during that during this month some of your adventurous spirits may be missing. Be nice and cordial to your neighbours and siblings – your tendency may be not to be so!  You may sell or think of selling some of your property or possession this month. If you are an educationalist, you will thrive this month. So will students. If you have any heart issues take care especially till the 9th/10th June.  Your relationship with children will be good. Contracts agreements and/or religious activities are also highlighted. Yes, good health is also highlighted during the month notwithstanding what has been mentioned above.  As the month progresses, activities in your professional sphere will pick up pace.

Capricorn Moon Sign

Guard your health and your reputation as the month commences. Keep guarding it till about mid-September. Since this is only a Moon Sign reading, I am not very sure but you may either have a big ticket investment coming up or you may have some heavy expenditure during the month. Prepare for short and long trips during the month. Some of these trips may be pleasure jaunts with the family. Some others may travel for their education. Your intuition may be strong this month. You may also be motivated to build up your financial assets. Some of you may also be overly aggressive this month or live away from your mother. There may be a change in home or a change in school – if you are a student. Women need to take care of their health this month. There may be a change in employment for some and others may contemplate a change in employment. Give emotional support to your children – should the situation require it.

Aquarius Moon Sign

As Ketu transits via your Rasi you may seek spirituality. Do not be over-reaching in your personal pursuits. Tread carefully. Your travel plans could get truncated or replanned. For those with retrograde Saturn in their birth chart, this could be a very good time for your career or profession. Those who are in the business of trading will see a good turnover of volume. You may acquire new or additional skill this month – more valid to those who are connected with Real Estate. Be careful of any misunderstanding with your mother or a mother like figure.  As in the case of Capricorn, women need to be more careful about their health – follow your doctor’s orders completely, if applicable in your case. If you are in the business or profession of teaching spiritual techniques, entertainment or in some way connected with dealing with anything which is required by children, you will do well.  Some may have a romantic interlude while will thrive in the stock market. Detectives and investigators will do well. So will those who wish to delve in scriptures.

Pisces Moon Sign

I hear wedding bells for the eligible ones. If you do get wed in the coming month/s, your mate may be attractive and supportive. Some of you may develop a monastic tendency. Yes, marriage for some and the monastery for some others! Of course, some others may get the best of both the world by getting married and then travelling to Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal or any other place which is known for its monasteries. Money, monastery and marriage seem to be the theme for you. Education may also be in store for some of you – education in a monastery. You will gain from education this month – whether in a monastery or not. Singers, speakers and educationalists will do well. As will farmers. You will work hard to put your finances in order.  You may splurge on apparel, vehicles and generally think that it is money that makes you happy – which may well be so!  If you are looking to get married, there may be delays. If you are married, your spouse may take off to some location on a work related trip. Be careful about disagreements in the family.  You may be in some way get connected or be involved with the wealth of your spouse. You may take up a distance learning program or even some type of a regular educational course or program. Your business or profession will get a fillip after Saturn turns direct in October.

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moon sign predictions for may 2017

The following general predictions for May 2017 is based on your Moon sign. If you do not know your Moon sign, check it here using this calculator from Moon Sign Calculator 

Aries Moon Sign

Early during the month (3rd May) Mercury turns direct in Aries – your Janma Rasi (Moon Sign). If you have a retrograde Mercury in your natal (birth) chart then the period of Mercury retrogression (10 April – 3 May) in transit would have given you gains via communication or short travel which, perhaps, enhanced your prestige or status. There may also have been minor illness during this time. For others (with a direct Mercury in their birth chart) this time (10 April – 3 May) may have been somewhat frustrating with matters related to short travels, relationship with siblings (where applicable) and employment. However, all these may resolve with Mercury turning direct late on the 3rd May. During the month, some of you may get indications of a monetary windfall or other forms of financial success. Long travel, if scheduled, may get postponed – unless you have a retrograde Jupiter in your birth chart.

Taurus Moon Sign

There may be and interest in Yoga, Meditation and courses like Vipassana during this month. Paradoxically, there may also be romantic desires and a tug on the heart strings – whether or not you are eligible for it! Some of you may get drawn one way and others may be drawn to Cupid. Irrespective of the path you select, you will need to put in repeated attempts if you wish to be successful.  You may do well to be cautious (think/rethink/check/recheck) in all important matters and documents, from the beginning of the month until the end June. Profession and travel may have minor hiccups which need to be managed. Some of you may need health safeguards during the month. Towards the end of the month, some of you may make plans for long distance travel for work related matters.

Gemini Moon Sign

For those born with the Moon in Gemini/Mithuna, this should be, broadly, a favourable month – especially from around the end of the first week of May – more so if you are a teacher, writer, engineer, business manager, diplomat or a banker. During the month, you will apply your logic and discrimination to spiritual matters and matters related to transportation. There may be sudden and completed unexpected short trips during the month which may have linkages to overseas or distant places. Ensure that you do not get into any altercation with siblings, neighbours or co-workers. If you want partnership and contracts to progress well check and re-check on the accuracy of all dealings. If some partnerships are not progressing well keep pursuing matters till they get sorted out.

Cancer Moon Sign

Passions may be inflamed this month.  The theme of  (your) children doing well will continue from the previous month. If you do not have children, then there may be gains via sport, competition or even some form of lottery. However, do not try your hand in speculation after the 25th May as this may lead to losses. For some, there may be gains via profession via bold moves in the workplace. Some may travel overseas and the children of others may travel overseas during this month.  If you are looking for support from either the government or some form of authority, you may be successful this month.

Leo Moon Sign

For those with travel plans, the time till about the 4th May will be tedious on account of delayed communication on account of malfunctioning devices like the phone/computer or even the computer software. Since your 9th Lord Mars will be in the 10th House during this month, professional matters will progress well if you are bold (not foolhardy!) in your actions. Since the Rasi Lord Sun will be in the 9th House travel may enable you to meet people in authority. For those with children, there may be happiness on account of their academic performance, other achievements or even on account of their recovery from some illness. Transit Sun  will be transiting in Taurus from the 15th May. This augurs well for your finances.

Virgo Moon Sign

For those with Virgo Moon sign, Saturn is currently in the 4th House from the natal Moon and is moving in a retrograde direction towards the 3rd House. Saturn in the 4th House is, generally, not considered to be very auspicious. However, this general dictum cannot be used blindly. If your 4th House has a high Ashtakavarga score (more than 26 points – higher the better) then the transit of Saturn may not be bad. Still, the next 30 months may not be conducive for home, conveyance, domestic environment. The results will vary from case to case based on the planetary placement in your Birth Chart. When retrograde Saturn moves to the 3rd House from June 21,2017 to November 01, 2017 – the effect of Saturn in the 4th House will remain under suspension.

Despite the above, for the eligible, there may be wedding bells! For others, there may be an increase in their wealth through partnerships. Your Janma Rasi Lord, Mercury, turns direct on the 3rd May while transiting through the 8th House of the partner’s wealth. There may be gains from this direction.

Libra Moon Sign

Venus is exalted in the 6th house. Are you looking for an assignment/employment? You may find it in a distant place from your current location. This is also a good time to crawl out of any difficult situation that you may be in. Health safeguards during this month is a good idea since there may be minor ailments and even a short hospitalization for a few with Libra Moon Sign.  Overall, trade or business should be upbeat during the month especially when connected with the overseas markets.

Scorpio Moon Sign

This is the month to be circumspect about partnerships – business partnership, marriage or any other endeavour which requires people getting together. Some Scorpio natives may put efforts to get relationships going while others, if the natal chart so signifies,  get into a difficult position vis-a-vis partnerships. A romantic association may also build up during the month.

Sagittarius Moon Sign

You will see success in the workplace if you are willing to be persistent in pursuing matters – else you are likely to encounter delays.  Some of you may see a marginal diminishing of wealth. Others will see their status change vis-a-vis their family. It may not manifest in May, but this year (till about September) is good for progress in professional and career related matters.Some of you may have seen progress in this area in the earlier months – others too may – by September 2017.

Capricorn Moon Sign

Your Janma Rasi lord Saturn sizzles around the 25th May as it crosses over from Sagittarius, your 12th House to Scorpio the 11th House. That is, Saturn is in a retrograde motion as it moves to Scorpio. As Saturn moves from a Water sign to a Fire sign it will sizzle – activating matters pertaining to your 12th House as well as the 11th House. However, in in the month of May it is mainly the 12th House matters which will come to the fore. Long distance travel (if is is due), progress in meditation (if you are so inclined), investments (if you are a punter), repayment of debt (if you don’t believe in living a borrowed life) are all indicated. You may experiment with sleeping on the floor or look to migrate to a distant place. All these are possible, depending on the possibilities shown in your personal natal chart (birth chart)

Aquarius Moon Sign

Your Janma Rasi Lord Saturn, which is also your 12th Lord is retrograde in your 11th House and moving toward the 10th House. Depending on your personal planetary placements, some may be involved in spiritual and humanitarian work. Others may enjoy sensory pleasures. Business people may do well and get profits from foreign lands – provided other planets are also indicative of this.  At the same time, so of you may lose contact with friends or feel a little disturbed with the state of things. If applicable, your mother may have an increase in her wealth/savings via Real Estate. All these are the possible outcomes for May.

Pisces Moon Sign

The eligible ones may hear wedding bells at a distance. There may be interest in acting, music, art, writing, painting sales and marketing and related fields. For those already in this field, you may do well in May – especially after the 5th of the month. A lady may play an important role in your business or profession. Those in the business of art, aesthetics and design may do well in May. You may need to restrain yourself from giving in too much to please others. Be careful of problems which you may encounter while travelling out of the country. Some of you may gain financially through your siblings or close friends or neighbours. You will feel courageous and adventurous this month. Make the most of it!

There are still a few day to go in April – if you need to look up your April predictions, click here: Moon Sign predictions for April 2017 

pai paddhati – a layman’s guide – part I

Pai Paddhati is a system of analysing a horoscope or a Birth Chart created using the using the rules of Vedic or Sidereal astrology. The purpose of this post is to give a step-by-step process for using the Pai Paddhati.

The Pai Paddhati was created by Dr Arjun Pai of Dr Arjun Pai Astrology. He was assisted by Dr Kanholy Santhip Krishnan, Ms Eve James Mendoza and astronomer Dr Aditya Togi.

This explanation of Pai Paddhati here is neither with the permission of its creators nor does it carry any endorsement from them. However, the method itself is in public domain and thus, this blog post does not in any way infringe on any copyright on the methodology.  The original explanation for this technique was given in three separate public domain videos on KRSchannel hosted on YouTube. The original video links are here:

  • Video One: A short explanation of the technique by Mr Kapiel Raaj
  • Video Two: Part I of the exposition of the concept on KRSchannel by the team which created this system
  • Video Three: Part II of the exposition of the concept on KRSchannel

For those who find the written word more vivid than a video, here is a step-by-step walk-through of the process:

  • Download the Pai Chart or the Pai Table from here
  • I use the Pai Table (Excel) rather than the Pai Map (Schematic representation) of the same Pai Table. I will, therefore, use the Pai Table to explain this process

Before you read this further, download the Pai Table:

Now, let’s look at the various columns of the Pai Table:

  1. Column 1 is the Rasi in which the planet being analysed is placed. Column 2 is the Nakshatra Pada of the Rasi in which the planet being analysed is placed. So, if the planet is in Aries in Ashwini Pada 1 then Ashwini 1 will be shown in column 2. Column 3 is the Rasi Lord. The Rasi Lord for Aries is Mars. Column 4 is the Nakshatra Lord. The Nakshatra Lord for Ashwini Pada 1,2,3 or 4 is Ketu. Column 5 is the Navamsa Lord. If a planet is in Ashwini Pada 1 in the Birth Chart (D 1 Chart) then that planet will be in Aries, in the D9 chart (Navamsa Chart). So, the Navamsa Lord is Mars as it owns Aries in the D9 chart too. Column 6 is the Purushartha of the Nakshatra Pada that the planet is placed in. For example, the Purushartha of Ashwini Pada 1 is Dharma or Goal Orientation or Target Orientation and that of Ashwini Pada 2 is Artha or Money Orientation and so on.

2.The next column is the SC Column. SC is Soul Cycle. All the 27 Nakshatras have been categorised into 9 parts as under:

  • SC I: Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika
  • SC II: Rohini, Mrigashira, Ardra
  • SC III: Punarvasu, Pushya, Ashlesha
  • SC IV: Magha, Purva Phalguni, Uttara Phalguni
  • SC V: Hasta, Chitra, Swati
  • SC VI: Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyeshtha
  • SC VII: Mula, Purva Ashadha, Uttara Ashadha
  • SC VIII: Shravana, Dhanishta, Shatabisha
  • SC-IX: Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada,

So, if you are analysing a planet in, let’s say, Bharani then Aries becomes the Lagna for that analysis (since Bharani is placed in Aries) and the 1st House becomes an important point for analysing that chart. Let’s take another example. If the planet that you want to analyse is placed in Vishakha Pada I then Libra becomes the Ascendant (Lagna) as Vishakha I is placed in Libra. If the planet you need to analyse is placed in Vishakha Pada 4 then Scorpio becomes the Ascendant as Vishakha Pada 4 is placed in Scorpio. Since Vishakha is part of Soul Cycle (SC) VI the 6th house from Scorpio (Vishakha 4) or the 6th house from Libra ( for a planet in Vishakha 1,2 and 3) becomes an important part of the analysis.

3. The column after SC (Soul Cycle) is the Rasi Cycle or Rasi Pada (RP). Each Rasi has 9 Padas. For example, Aries/Mesha has Ashwini Pada 1,2,3 and 4. This is followed by Bharani 1,2,3 and 4. This is followed by Krittika Pada 1 – completing the 9 Padas of Aries or Mesha Rashi. So, a planet in Aries Pada 1 will have Soul Cycle 1 and Rasi Cycle or Rasi Pada 1. If a planet is in Ashwini Pada 2 then it will be considered as  having Soul Cycle 1 and Rasi Pada 2. These details can be taken from the Pai Table or the Pai Map. So, when analysing a planet in Ashwini Pada 2, one will make Aries the Lagna (as Ashwini Pada 2 falls in Aries). Since the Soul Cycle for Ashwin is 1 (for all 4 Padas of Ashwini), the First House will be an important part of the analysis. Next, since planet under analysis is in Ashwini pada 2 the RP (Rasi Pada) is 2 making the 2nd House as an important focal point. The First House deals with self. The Second House deals with wealth/family. So with this combination of SC 1 and RP 2, the wealth or family or one’s own wealth could be analysed.

4. The next column is NL-O.  NL-O stand for ‘Nakshatra Lord’s Own House. If the planet being examined is in, say Bharani Pada 1 then the Nakshatra Lord’s Own Houses (NL-O) are Taurus and Libra. This is because the Nakshatra Lord of Bharani (under the Vimshottari Dasha System) is Venus and Venus owns Taurus and Libra.

5. The next column is ‘H’. H stands for House and indicates the House No. of the Houses specified under NL-O. The Houses under NL-O (above) are Libra and Taurus. Since Bharani 1 was being examined above, the sign of  Aries (where Bharani 1 is placed) becomes the Lagna for the purpose of this example. With Aries as the First House (Lagna), Taurus becomes the Second House and Libra becomes the Seventh House. Therefore 2 and 7 are the indicators here indicating the role of Houses 2 and 7 for the purpose of the analysis of this chart.

6. The next column is NL-M. NL-M stands for the Moolatrikona Rasi of the Nakshatra Lord. If Bharani 1 is being examined (as an example), then NL-M is represented by Libra as Libra/Thula is the Moolatrikona Rasi for the Nakshatra Lord Venus.

7. The subsequent column is H. This H stands for the House No. of the Nakshatra Lord which was identified in point 6 above. It was identified above that the Moolatrikona Rasi of the Nakshatra Lord, Venus is Libra. Libra or Thula is the 7th House from Aries – where Bharani Pada 1 is placed. So, the 7th House becomes important in this analysis.

8. The next column is NL-E or the Exaltation Rasi of the Nakshatra Lord. If Bharani Pada 1 is being examined then the Nakshatra Lord is Venus and the Exaltation Rasi of the Nakshatra Lord is Pisces/Meena Rasi.

9. The column after NL-E is, once again, H. This H  here stands for the House No. of the Nakshatra Lord which was identified in point 8 above. It was identified above that the Exaltation Rasi of the Nakshatra Lord, Venus is Pisces. Pisces/Meena the 12th House from Aries – where Bharani Pada 1 is placed. So, the 12th House also becomes important in this analysis.

10. The next in line is the column NL-D or the Debilitation Rasi of the Nakshatra Lord. If Bharani Pada 1 is analysed then the Nakshatra Lord is Venus and the Debilitation Rasi of the Nakshatra Lord is Virgo/Kanya.

11. The column after NL-D is, once again (not again! They could have called this HD instead of H!) H. This H stands for the House No. of the Nakshatra Lord which was identified in point 10 above. It was identified above that the Debilitation Rasi of the Nakshatra Lord, Venus is Virgo. Virgo/Kanya the 6th House from Aries – where Bharani Pada 1 is placed. So, the 6th House also becomes important in this analysis.

12. Now, the column is II-M or the Invisible Influence of the Moolatrikona Planet. Here’s how you determine it. If Bharani 1 is being analysed (or a planet in Bharani 1) then the Rasi in question is Aries/Mesha since Bharani 1 is placed here. The question to be asked is: ‘ Is there a planet which has its Moolatrikona position in Bharani Pada 1 in Aries?” The answer is that Mars has its Moolatrikona position in Aries in Bharani Pada 1 (The Moolatrikona position of Mars extends from 0 degrees to 12 degrees in Aries). So, Mars becomes an important  planet in this analysis

13.M,E,D – H:  This is the heading of the next column. M stands for Moolatrikona. E stands for Exaltation position. D stands for Debilitation position. Here you have to check if any planet has its Moolatrikona position in Bharani Pada 1 which is being analysed. Mars has its MT (Moolatrikona) position in Bharani Pada 1 (which is the Nakshatra being analysed). Mars will cast its influence on Aries (its Moolatrikona House) which is House No. 1 (Aries as Lagna), on Capricorn which is the Exaltation Rasi of Mars (House No. 10 from Aries) and Cancer which is the Debilitation House of Mars (House No. 4 from Aries). So, in this chart analysis, the MT sign (Aries which is the First House) will get the benefit of  the positive influence of Mars, Capricorn, which is the 10th House will get the benefit of being the Exaltation position of Mars and Cancer which is the 4th House may suffer (this is the place where the native needs to work hard)  if the native does not put in extra effort in this part of his/her life.

14. The next 2 columns are II-E and M,E,D -H. The concept of Moolatrikona (MT) which was applied in point no. 13 above has to be applied if there is any planet which has it Exaltation Positon in Bharani Pada 1 (the Nakshatra being analysed). Since no planet has its Exaltation position here, there is no Invisible Influence (II)  associated with the Exaltation of any planet in connection with Bharani Pada 1.

15. The last two columns are II-D and M,E,D – H. Check if any planet gets debilitated in the Nakshatra being analysed – which in this case is Bharani Pada 1. No planet gets debilitated here so there is no II (Invisible Influence) of any planet on its Moolatrikona Sign, Exaltation Sign or Debilitation Sign. However, if the Nakshatra being analysed had been Bharani Pada 2 then you would have noted that Saturn gets debilitated in Bharani Pada 2. If this had been the case then Saturn would have cast its Invisible Influence (II) on Aquarius which is its MT sign and the 11th Rasi from the Lagna (Aries which hold Bharani Pada 2). Saturn would have also cast its II (Invisible Influence) on Libra which is the 7th House from Aries and the Exaltation Sign of Saturn. Also, Saturn would have also cast its influence on the Lagna (First House) which is Aries and which is the Debilitation Sign of Saturn.

This concludes an explanation of Pai Paddhati. In the next instalment, I will analyse a chart using this technique. Should you have any queries, leave a comment or write to me.

moon sign predictions for april 2017

The following general predictions for April 2017 is based on your Moon sign. If you do not know your Moon sign, check it here using this calculator from Moon Sign Calculator 

Aries Moon Sign

In the first week of the month, you may have travels related to your business or profession. Students pursuing higher education may do well.  However, after the first week of the month, there may be minor reversals in your travel plans and students may find it necessary to redo their assignments. After the 10th April, there may be a slowdown in communication pertaining to contracts and employment. If there are differences of opinion with your children, the time from the 15th April till the end of the month is a good time to sort out these differences

Taurus Moon Sign

There may be long distance travel related difficulties during this month. There may also be minor disturbances in your professional area.  If you have retrograde Jupiter in your Birth Chart then there may be some gains via lottery or speculation during this month

Gemini Moon Sign

For those who are looking to marry, there may be news of engagement or marriage during this month. Business and matters related to the profession are also highlighted in this month. A lady may play an important role in your business or profession

Cancer Moon Sign

For those seeking employment, things may work out well – especially if you have retrograde Saturn in your Birth Chart. There will be interviews and negotiations commencing from this month. There may be long distance travelling or plans may be made for long distance travelling. There may be a gain of prestige for your children (if so applicable).

Leo Moon Sign

You may consider Real Estate transactions during this month. If you do have some Real Estate transactions, be very careful with the paperwork. Double check everything. Some may have minor injuries to areas near the knee – or they may just be concerned with a previous injury in this area.

Virgo Moon Sign

There may be differences of opinion with siblings, especially after the 10th April. There may be minor reversals in partnerships or income from partnerships.  If negative thoughts bother you, you may do well to snap out it.

Libra Moon Sign

You may accumulate wealth through business transactions. This is a good time to enter into partnerships – if other non-astrological factors are supportive of this.  You need to be diligent when transacting with partners in a distant place or in overseas locations. You could be prone to fiery speech during this period and will do well if you are appropriately restrained

Scorpio Moon Sign

Be careful of flames, especially in the kitchen. Also be evaluative and restrained with communication in your workplace – especially with subordinates and employees. You may make plans for work related travel towards the end of the month

Sagittarius Moon Sign

There may be an enhancement of your status in the workplace, especially if you have retrograde Jupiter in your Birth Chart.   There may be gains from speculative transactions. Some of you may develop an interest in spiritual knowledge and practices. Sports, speculation and spirituality may be important themes depending on your age, background and interests.

Capricorn Moon Sign

You need to be careful about financial matters. There are indications of some loss of wealth (only if this is also indicated in your Birth Chart) during this month if you are not careful.  If you are considering selling a property, you may gain financially. There are indications of commencing a process of selling Real Estate during this month.

Aquarius Moon Sign

Any effort put into learning and education will lead to good results. Those interested in higher education or postgraduate education will be successful in your endeavours.  Some may gain from your mother and others may invest in a vehicle.  Mother, housing, clothing are emphasised during this month.

Pisces Moon Sign

Some may develop an interest in hidden knowledge. Others may have good intuition. Some others may gain through wills, donations and gifts. Your ability to diagnose will be strong. If you have any chronic health problems these may come to the fore (if also signified in the Birth Chart) and may need to be addressed. You may be secretive and guarded. Those interested in performing arts will do well during this month as well those of you who are in professions connected with sales. You will put in energy and effort to pursue your goals