a reasonably priced astrological service

whenthetimeisripe offers a range of astrological services. These include:

–  Birth Chart Analysis: Analyse one or more areas of your life. Find out key events ahead

–  Prasna Analysis: Ask a question and we’ll not even ask for your birth time. Your questions will be answered via Prasna

–  Birth Time Rectification:  Is your birth time incorrect? We can correct the time of your birth to an accuracy of about 30 seconds.

–  Horoscope matching and compatibility: Horoscope matching for matrimonial use. We can help you select the most suitable horoscope from multiple horoscopes

–  Timing of events: Find out when an event could happen

–  Corporate Astrology:  When will the Company turn the corner or similar questions answered from the company’s Birth Chart. This service is offered by a seasoned practitioner of Corporate Astrology

Learn astrology one-on-one: A very different astrological technique will be taught one-on-one. The learning will be spread over 5 hours on an online platform at a time of mutual convenience. The learning can be in one or multiple sessions. Some prior knowledge of astrology is essential. This will be assessed prior to your paying for the course.  Write for more details.

For more information, write to whenthetimeisripe@outlook.com



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